About the N&N Meal Kit

Every item in the meal kit was chosen to support the specific nutritional needs of postpartum moms. All of the dishes are easy to freeze & re-heat, and are perfect for one-handed noshing.


The basic Meal Kit includes:

  • 1 soup (2L)
  • 1 main dish (stew, burgers, or casserole) - 6 servings
  • 1 snack/dip - 4-6 servings


You can then decide whether to add an extra jar of soup, main dish, or snack.


Once the order is placed, we will contact the recipient of the Meal Kit to select the specific menu items.


Important note about allergens


All of the ingredients are dairy-free & gluten-free, and can also be vegan upon request. If you are concerned about a specific food allergy, or want to know more about the ingredients used, please write to ilanahartnutrition@gmail.com. All of the recipes can be tweaked to accommodate for food allergies/intolerances.


Delivery times


Delivery times are estimated at 2-4 days from when the order is placed. This can vary based on the number of orders being processed at any one time. If you'd like to verify the delivery date or have a special request, please send a note to ilanahartnutrition@gmail.com


Delivery is currently available, for free, in the greater TLV area (including Givatayim & Ramat Gan). We are not yet delivering to other cities.

Nosh & Nourish Meal Kit

Who is the recipient?
Does the recipient have any food allergies?
Extra main dish
Extra snack
Extra jar of soup
  • Since this is a food product, there are no returns and no refunds on this product.

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