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About Ilana

Hi, I'm Ilana - a Women’s Nutrition Counselor.

​I’m on a mission to help you feel energized and nourished through the foods you eat, so that you can feel amazing from the inside out.

​I address your specific nutritional needs during pregnancy, postpartum, and early motherhood in a hands-on, fun, and delicious way!

Whether you're looking to improve your overall energy levels, achieve better hormonal balance, are managing a specific health condition, or simply looking to create healthier meals for you and your family, we can work together to identify the best foods and easy-to-make recipes to support and achieve your goals.

Where you can find me:

I live with my family in Tel Aviv. A lot of the dishes I create are based on a Mediterranean-inspired diet, using local, seasonal, fresh ingredients.

To learn more about me, read the full blog post here.

My food philosophy:

Simple. Healthy. Nourishing. Family-friendly.

Simple. I like to cook and experiment with new dishes and flavors, but I don't have an abundance of time to spend in the kitchen. When I see a recipe with an ingredient list that runs long, or where instructions involve the use of every pot and pan in the kitchen, I run for the hills. When I am preparing food, I like to keep things simple – short ingredient lists, easy instructions. In fact, one pot meals are my favorite.

Healthy. I truly believe that food can either propel us up the slope of health or push us down the slope of disease. My kitchen is based on a plant-rich diet, high in fiber, nutritious fats and proteins, and whole grains. I like to make my own recipes from scratch based on local and seasonal foods, and I tend not to buy things in packages, especially those with more than just a few listed ingredients. Everything I make is gluten-free and dairy-free to support gut health, reduce inflammation, and boost energy levels.

Nourishing. Food should not only be tasty, it should act as the fuel for our body and brain. I encourage you to tune into what you’re eating and ask yourself: “How does it make you feel?” Eating wholesome, nourishing, feel-good food should not seem like an impossible mission – sometimes it just requires a little creativity, especially when life gets hectic.

Family-friendly. As a mom of two small kids, it can be challenging to find foods that will satisfy their palate. At the same time, I want my kids to be part of the family mealtime and eat the same foods that the adults are eating. So, if my girls enthusiastically gobble down my latest food experiment, I know I’ve done something right.

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