Work with Me

1:1 Nutrition Reboot

I'll assess your current lifestyle & daily eating habits, and then create a tailored nutrition program for you.

How it works:

1. First, you'll fill out a nutrition assessment form.

2. We'll meet for 1-hour, in-person or via zoom (your choice), to discuss which foods can best support your health. We'll strategize on practical ways to incorporate these new eating habits into your daily schedule.

3. We'll discuss any specific health concerns - eg. gestational diabetes, thyroid disorder, etc. and create a nutrition strategy that addresses these.

4. You'll receive all the notes from our sessions in your inbox.

5. I'll create a personalized 5-day meal plan for you, including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. You'll get detailed recipes and a full shopping list.

COST: 650nis

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Image by Gareth Hubbard

Nutrition in the Kitchen Workshop

A nutrition plan works so much better when you know how to prepare health-boosting meals.

In this fun, hands-on session, we’ll whip up delicious dishes together while discussing the specific health benefits behind the ingredients.

You'll receive the recipe booklet to take home, so that you can re-create the meals.

1:1 session - We’ll choose the recipes together and tailor the session to your specific health goals.

Group session - Join a small group workshop, meet other women, and have a blast.